Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions of lovemangalove (referred to as “Terms”) govern your use of the digital comics and anime store (referred to as “Service”) operated by We of America Corp. (referred to as “We”) in Texas, USA.

Article 1. (Application of these Terms)

・User of the Service (referred to as “Customer”) shall preliminarily acknowledge and agree with both the Terms and separately stated Privacy Policy of We when they use the Service.

・When We receives any action (including registration, purchase, cancellation, etc.) from Customer’s account, We deems that the action was made by the Customer themself.

・Only those 18 years or older can use the Service.

・Account creation with false information or account registration on behalf of another person is not allowed.

Article 2. (Coolmic Account)

・In order to use some features of our Service, Customer will need to create an account (referred to as “Coolmic Account”) for free, by any of the following methods:

 ⇒ Registration of email address and password;

 ⇒ Authentication by connecting to or using a Social Networking Service (Facebook or Google).

・Customer is responsible for their activities, and purchases under their Coolmic Account.

・Customer is not allowed to use another person’s Coolmic Account. Customer must be responsible for keeping their account information confidential. Account information cannot be transferred or combined with other Coolmic Accounts.

Article 3. (Ticket Pack Service)

Ticket Purchases

・The Customer is also given the option to purchase tickets (the Coolmic “currency”) required to browse the contents within the Service.

・The Monthly Ticket Plan will automatically renew unless the Customer cancels their subscription. The payment confirmation date and contract duration for the Monthly Ticket Plan are as follows:

 Payment Confirmation Date: The date of the initial registration.

 For example, if the Customer registers on October 1st 2024, their renewal (payment date) will be November 1st 2024.

 However, if the Customer registers between the 29th and 31st, and there is no corresponding date in the following month, the last day of the following month will be the renewal date.

 Contract Duration: One month from the registration date each month.

 If the Customer is unable to make a payment for their Monthly Ticket Plan, We reserves the right to cancel the Monthly Ticket Plan or restrict certain features.

 Even in the case of a Monthly Ticket Plan being canceled during the contract period, We will not provide a prorated reduction based on the remaining days.

Payment Methods

・Customer shall pay the Fees related to purchasing tickets using any of the following methods:

 ⇒ Credit Card (Visa / Mastercard)

 ⇒ Select Debit Card (Visa / Mastercard)

 ⇒ PayPal

 ⇒ Apple Pay

 ⇒ Google Pay

・Customer may check and verify the Fees for ticket purchases on the Charge Tickets Page, and Purchases on the Ticket History Page.

Article 4. (Prices and Other Fees)


・All prices shown are in US Dollars, unless otherwise stated.

・We may modify the prices at any time and the changes are effective upon posting on our website.

・We reserves the right to change the Fees or applicable charges and to institute new Fees and charges upon thirty (30) days prior notice to Customer (which may be shown through notification in the website).


・Fee / Fees in these Terms refer to fixed prices such as the price for ticket pack purchases.

Billing Information

・When Customer provides credit / debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay information, they authorize Coolmic (or our third party payment agency) to charge Customer’s payment method for the total amount of the ticket pack purchase.

・Some card companies may have additional Fees for international transactions.

・Local tax charges may vary depending on the payment method used.

Settlement Service

・Customer shall be subject to not only these terms, but also contracts between the settlement service or system associated with the business operator of the settlement service, etc.

・Customer shall pay Fees by conforming to the conditions stated by the business operator of the settlement service, etc.

Communication Fee

・Communication fee (including packet communication fee) determined by carriers of cell-phone and/or other network operators’ costs Customer when Customer accesses and uses the Service.

・Since huge data communication is required for browsing webpages and contents of the Service, We recommends Customer to subscribe to flat-rate internet access services.

・Customer is not released from obligation to pay Fees even if Customer’s account or portable device, etc. is unavailable to use and they do not access and use the Service.


・We does not refund Fees that Customer has already paid. However, this shall not apply to cases where Customer suffers damage for reasons attributable to We.

・We will also not refund the purchases from accounts deleted by Customer.

Article 5. (Use of the Service)


・We provides comics and other contents (referred to as “Contents” ) to Customer through the Service. When Customer uses and browses the Contents, tickets required for the Contents are consumed.

・Customer is able to browse Contents which they have purchased as many times as they like. However, Customer shall preliminarily pay attention to the fact that all Contents that they have purchased are rendered unavailable to view in the case that the Customer deletes their Coolmic Account.

・In addition, in the case where We is obliged to suspend or terminate publishing or delivering the Contents because of the will of the copyright-holder, artist, publisher, etc., some Contents that were purchased using tickets, may be rendered unavailable to view and re-view.


・Tickets are valid for 3 years upon receipt. If Customer reserves multiple tickets that have different dates of grant, the tickets expire from the oldest date to the newest date and expired tickets are unable to be used.

・Tickets of the Service are available for browsing the Contents only, and Customer may not use the tickets for other purposes. Therefore, Customer cannot turn tickets into money, etc. for any reason.


・This service is available for use on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Please refer to the FAQ for the recommended environment for browsing and using this service.

・Customer shall preliminarily acknowledge and agree to the possibility that they may not be able to use or browse a part of the Contents because of their device, payment method, etc.

Time Zone

・“Time” stated in these Terms is based upon “Pacific Standard Time (PST) / Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)”.

Article 6. (DeletedAccounts)

・In the case where Customer hopes to delete their Coolmic Account, they shall delete it by going to “Account Deletion Page”.

・In the case where Customer is subscribed to a Monthly Ticket Plan and wish to delete their Coolmic account, they should cancel the Monthy Ticket Plan first.

・In the case where account deletion has been completed, Customer agrees that their records are permanently removed from the Coolmic website and they are rendered unavailable to browse the Contents that they purchased.

・Customer will no longer have access to My Library and purchased tickets. They will also be removed from the mailing list.

Article 7. (Return Policy and Indemnification for Damage)

・In the case where Contents which are provided through the Service have any defects, We will replace the Contents with defect-free Contents as soon as possible.

・If it is difficult to provide defect-free Contents, We returns the tickets spent on purchasing the Contents with defects to Customer.

・In the case that Customer suffers damage or loss for reasons attributable to We, We responds only in the damage both

  1) which caused to Customer themself and

  2) which is within the usual range.

・In this case, maximum limitation of indemnity by Customer against We shall not extend beyond the Fees of the Contents causing their damage or loss; additionally, however, this shall not apply to the case where the damage arises from intentional acts or acts of gross negligence of We.

Article 8. (Inquiry)

・If Customer has questions, inquiries, or feedbacks about the Service, they may contact Coolmic Support Team

E-mail: coolmic_support@We.jp

・A Coolmic representative will respond to inquiries from Mondays to Fridays 9:30 to 18:30 in Japan Standard Time (excluding National holidays).

Article 9. (Treatment of Customer Information)

・We appropriately manages and treats Customer information that Customer has registered with their consent based upon our “Privacy Policy” that is stated separately.

・Even if Customer has deleted their Coolmic Account, the account information may remain in our system for archive purposes only to comply with technical and legal requirements and constraints related to the security, integrity, and operation of our Service.

The following information may remain in our system:

 ⇒ Purchase and Subscription history

 ⇒ Viewed pages and reading history 

 ⇒ Country and zip code for billing purposes

 ⇒ IP Address

・The information is retained for up to 5 years after service termination, and is then erased afterwards.

・We is unable to remove any Customer information that they have recorded in a third party website.

Article 10. (License to Digital Content and Prohibition)

・All rights related to Contents and other information (including comics, texts, images, videos, etc.) provided through the Service shall be reserved by We, the partner companies, and other rights holders.

・Customer must not infringe any rights (including copyright, rights neighboring on copyright, editorial copyright, right of trademark and other right to intellectual property, right to privacy, portrait right and other moral rights, etc.) of We and third parties who have legitimate rights.

・In the case that Customer uses the Service, they MUST NOT perform any acts that fall under or may fall under the following:

 ⇒Acts that cause damage or loss to We, other Customer(s), and/or third party;

 ⇒Acts that violate the laws or offends public order and morals;

 ⇒Acts that interrupt the operation of the Service;

 ⇒Acts that ruin or damage the credibility of We and/or the Service;

 ⇒Acts that spread false information or false declarations;

 ⇒Acts that attempt to create, use, or steal another user’s account;

 ⇒Acts that use our Services for unauthorized purposes;

 ⇒Acts that copy, modify, resell, repost, derive source code, or reverse engineer any part of our Service;

 ⇒Acts that We deems unsuitable.

・If Customer fails to fulfill their obligations as specified in the Terms, Coolmic can terminate the account without notice.

Article 11. (Precaution Statement)

・In the case where Customer has both violated these Terms and where they do not improve the situation despite We’s warnings and/or demands, We may delete their Coolmic Account.

・In addition, We is able to reject the creation of a Coolmic Account by a Customer who has previously violated these Terms.

・In the case where Customer uses the Service via authentication by using Open ID, even if the ID used in Membership registration of the Service is suspended, deleted, expired, etc., Coolmic Account of the Customer will not be deleted or canceled automatically and the Account will still exist.

・Customer shall preliminarily apply to delete their Coolmic Account separately from the suspension of ID used in membership registration.

・In the case where Customer suffers damage or loss arising from provisions of this article, We assumes no liability for the damage or loss.

Article 12. (Interruption / Termination of the Service)

・We may temporarily suspend the Service for the purpose of system maintenance with or without prior notice to Customer.

・In the case where it is difficult to provide the Service because of occurrence of accidental force such as electric outage, fire disaster, natural hazard, etc., or if it is necessary to do system maintenance urgently, We may suspend the Service without prior notice to Customer.

・We is not obliged to compensate Customer for system maintenance nor suspension of service.

・All or part of the Contents of the Service may be changed, terminated, or discontinued according to We’s judgment.

・In the case that We changes, terminates, or discontinues all or part of the Contents of the Service, We preliminarily notifies the Customer by a method that We judges suitable.

Article 13. (Transfer of Contractual Status)

・Customer must not transfer or assign either their membership, contractual status, and all or part of their right and/or duties that are stated in these Terms to any third party.

・We may transfer or assign membership, contractual status of We, or all or part of the rights and/or duties of We that are stated in these Terms to any third party.

 In this case, Customer preliminarily acknowledges and agrees with the transferring and/or assigning comprehensively.

Article 14. (Governing Law, Jurisdiction)

・The laws and regulations of Japan are applied to establishing, effecting, practicing, and interpreting these Terms.

・In the case that questions or disputes between We and the Customer arises, both shall negotiate in good faith.

 However, in the case where the problem, etc. does not resolve by negotiation, Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court shall have competent and exclusive jurisdiction for the first instance.

 As an exception, web visitors from EU Member States may contact each of their domestic supervisory authorities only if problems with the processing of personal information occurred and could not be resolved by consultation with We.

Article 15. (Disclaimer)

・All characters depicted in explicit scenes in Coolmic comics and anime were over the age of eighteen years at the time of creation of such contents.

Article 16. (Change of these Terms, etc.)

・Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will be updated as necessary. We will notify you on our site for big updates that affect our customers. If you continue to use our service after confirming the update notification, it is considered that you have understood and agreed to the respective changes in the updated terms.